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Emmaus Farmers' Market
Nuneviller Farms
5854 Vera Cruz Road
Emmaus, PA 18049

Nuneviller Farms is an organic producer of all your favorite local produce items such as strawberries, sweet corn, 10+ types of tomatoes, lettuces, watermelon and more! Our farm was started in 2015 on leased land at the "Seed Farm" in Emmaus, PA . Our first year, we started by growing tomatoes for wholesale on 2 acres. We now farm 6 acres and have expanded our product line to 50+ varieties of vegetables. This year we will also be offering bedding plants, hanging baskets, and cut flower bouquets. We love selling direct, as it gives us the opportunity to connect with our customers and we look forward to serving you at the Emmaus Farmers' Market.

Our produce is certified Organic by Pennsylvania Certified Organic and they named us the "New Organic Producer of 2016". To be certified organic, a grower must follow many rules to ensure environmental sustainability and a safe product-two worth noting is that we never use GMO seeds or synthetic pesticides.

Mark Nuneviller is the owner and farmer at Nuneviller Farms; he has 6 years of organic growing experience and a BA in Economics from UC Santa Cruz. Mark lives in Collegeville with his wife and two young children.